Upcoming Concerts!

June 21st, 10 AM

* Sacred Selections ~ Roseway Manor, Shelburne 

July 19th, 2 PM

* 'Hope & Heaven'  ~ Jordan Life Center, The Glades, NB

July 20th, 2 PM

* 'An Evening of Encouragement' Buckingham Place, Riverview, NB

July 22nd, 7 PM

* 'An Evening of Encouragement' ~ Immanuel Family Church, Grand Manan, NB

July 24th, 11 AM

* 'An Hour of Encouragement' ~ Dawson Settlement Baptist Church, NB

July 24th, 7 PM

* 'An Evening of Encouragement~ Camp Meeting, Killam Mills, NB


August 28th, 2 PM

* 'Sacred Concert ~ Coal Shed Music Fest, Yarmouth, NS