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Glenn West- Safe Haven Ministries

My name is Glenn West of Lumber River Quartet from Lumberton, NC. I am President of Safe Haven Ministries.

I have traveled in the ministry for 33 years and have met many people who have influenced my life. There have been none any more than Pastor Phil Williams of Woods Harbor, Nova Scotia. I first met Pastor Phil around the year 2002 and became an instant fan of his. Pastor Phil is a solid man of God and his character speaks for itself. He is a very talented man as he can do recitations and sing songs that leave no doubt that this man is touched by and has The Holy Spirit living within. We have had Pastor Phil minister to many people in The United States as a guest of our ministry. Many people have been blessed by his songs and recitations of hope, love and salvation. I recommend Pastor Phil to any Church, or venue that are seeking a wonderful Christian ministry of song, recitation or preaching of the word. He will, through Jesus Christ bring much encouragement, hope and happiness through very talented presentation. 


Pastor Paul Leger ~  Grangeville Baptist Church

Hosting Pastor Phil in our Church is always a great blessing as he ministers through Gospel Music and through the recitation of the Word of God. However, it probably most impactful in that he presents this ministry in an incredibly genuine manner. There is no question where his heart lies as he shares the Good News that is the Gospel itself. 



Pastor Bob Elliott ~ Hillsburn United Baptist Church

Over the years, we at Hillsburn Baptist Church have had Pastor Williams present variety of music presentations in this church. On each occasion, we have found Pastor Williams to be well prepared and professional in presentation. Pastor Phil’s music ministry brings to his listeners an unforgettable and uplifting spiritual experience. As a result, my spirituality, as well as that of our congregation has been greatly enriched by Pastor Phil’s ministry. I do not hesitate to highly recommend Pastor Phil Williams to your church or organization. Indeed, you will be greatly blessed. 


Pastor Rodney Blyth Middlesex Baptist Church

Phil performed his Christmas recitation "Go Tell" at our church in early December of this past year. It was a clear presentation of the Christmas story combining the use of both song and scripture recitation. I found it helped set the tone for our church's celebration of the Advent season. I was impressed with Phil's ability to adapt and involve the audience in the unfolding of the story. The presentation was well received and appreciated by those in attendance. God has richly gifted Phil with the ability to combine music and recitation of the scriptures. It is encouraging as a pastor to see his passion for exercising his gifts in a way to present the Gospel and bring glory to God.

Dr. Brian D. MacArthur, Senior Pastor, BridgewaterBaptist Church, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Phil Williams and his group The Sounds of Men performed at the Bridgewater Baptist Church during the Christmas Season in 2014. The congregation was so blessed that an invitation was extended to share the exact same program in our new building during Christmas 2015. The attendance almost doubled from the previous year - a strong testimony as to how people had been blessed. Phil's amazing ability to quote extensive passages of Scripture from memory, his great singing voice, plus the interactive participation of attendees, combine to make for a very engaging and spiritually powerful, Christ centered presentation. Our church is looking for to having Phil and the Sounds of Men share their Easter program entitled "Behold" in April 2017. Your church will benefit from inviting Phil to minister among you.



Pastor Peter Smith, Seal Cove Baptist Church

I have known Pastor Phil Williams for 25 years. For several of those years we both pastored in adjoining communities just outside Salisbury, NB. During that time and since I have been blessed with Phil’s preaching and singing ministry. In the last few years I have had Phil join us at Seal Cove Baptist Church on Grand Manan Island  to present a concert of singing, recitations, and scripture, from memorization.  Phil is always well prepared and the presence of the Holy Spirit is very evident in each service.  The congregation here appreciates his music presentations very much and we are looking forward to having him here on December 10, 2017 to present a Christmas concert.  I would most certainly recommend Pastor Phil to you.

Bay Side Home, Barrington, Nova Scotia

June 23, 2017

 To whom it may concern:

 Re: Reference for Pastor Phil Williams


Pastor Phil Williams is a long time volunteer with Bay Side Home, providing musical entertainment and fellowship to our residents. Bay Side Home is a long term care facility, with 62 residents who are elderly, and/or with mental or physical disabilities. Pastor Phil (as he is affectionately known to all) has volunteered here for approx. 15 years with musical entertainment, providing Grace at many special events, organizing musical performances involving our residents, and performing with The Sound of Men choir.


As volunteer co-ordinator, I have worked with Pastor Phil at Bay Side Home in a number of situations including activities, programs, and one to one resident opportunities. He is caring and respectful, honest and trustworthy, and displays a genuine enthusiasm for working with these populations.  Pastor Phil shows up when he is scheduled, and makes excellent use of his time here at Bay Side Home.


Our Home Volunteers play a vital role at Bay Side Home as a community link, and providing opportunities for residents, and I would highly recommend Pastor Phil to enrich the lives of seniors in other communities. If you have any further questions regarding Pastor Phil, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.



Jennifer Spencer

Recreation Director

Roseway Manor, Shelburne, NS

To whom it may concern,

Roseway Manor Inc. is a 66 bed, not-for-profit long term care facility nestled in the small community of Shelburne County. 

It is a pleasure to offer this reference letter to your organization or facility regarding Pastor Phil Williams.

Pastor Phil has been affiliated with Roseway Manor for several years on a volunteer capacity.  He has been offering inspirational and spiritual song to and for the residents in large group settings. 

It is always a glorious day for the resident when Pastor Phil performs, captivating them with his amazing voice and song.  He has an uncanny ability to hold and maintain their attention through the entirety of his performance, stimulating long-term-memory recall and evoking fond and joyous memories through reminiscence.

We are very fortunate to have such a caring, wonderful, talented and amazing volunteer, Pastor and community minded member who is always willing to perform for the residents at Roseway Manor on a regular bases, asking nothing in return but a warm smile and a gentle handshake.  His attitude toward the elderly and his positive demeanor enhances his visits creating a very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for all involved. It is with great pleasure to provide a reference for Pastor Phil.

Have a wonderful day and Blessings to you!

Patsy A. Jones-Hassapis

Director of Recreation & Volunteer Services

Parkland Riverview, NB

July 3,2023

To whom it may concern,

Phil Williams reached out to our facility when he first arrived in Riverview
and I’m so pleased that he did. He is a very talented speaker, singer and
puts on a very professional presentation. He is very reliable when booked
for presentations and arrives early and has all the equipment he needs.
The Residents at Parkland really enjoy listening to him and singing along to
the songs that he provides the words to on his large screen. He has made
it very easy to follow along. At the end of his presentation, he takes the
time to talk to the Residents and makes them all feel very special.
I would highly recommend Phil Williams and we always look forward to
having him come again with his newest presentation! He is always
welcome at Royal Court.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Nancy Laforest
Recreation Coordinator
Parkland Riverview
506 387-0503

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